Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dating and Finding Love for the BBW

Should the size stop you from being happy, finding love and being with someone? Some would hide and will not come out from their comfort zone, because of their worries of being rejected. Because of insecurity, they missed all the fun!

She sees him every morning, he is so adorable and very friendly. He smiled at her and she smiled back and then she look away. It is always like that, she never initiated any conversation, after every smile and she is so worried he will laugh because she is BBW. She is pretty but her size is her problem on finding happiness, feeling the spark, she ignores her feelings for him and just feel sorry for herself.

She let time passes by, winter, summer and fall, just glancing at him and hoping things will change but she never anything to change it. She is just so insecure, she keep telling to herself, they do not match, he is so hot and she is so big, putting it bluntly.

Next day, to her surprise...The guy next door is with this Big Beautiful Woman, about her size and she learned that the guy next door like Big Beautiful Woman and with a sigh, it could have been her. But too late now, she learned her lesson, she knows better next time, size should not be a problem having someone, being inlove, dating someone and finding the connection.

There is always a chance of getting hurt in every relationship but it is better to try than never tried at all.

There is no replacement on having someone close and feeling the real love. Love while you can and express the feeling of giving.

What could have been, will be one of the hardest feeling someone can deal.

You just have to do, what you got to do, rather than be sorry later.

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Seo Backlinks Tips

Link building is one of the keys to SEO, building credibility, and a number of other powerful factors that benefit your business.

There are more useful SEO backlinks strategy for the purpose of generating more traffic to a website of yours and positioning your webpage among the top ranking sites it is very important that you keep reading this particular article.

For example, if you are advertising for a Hamburger shop, there must be pictures of Hamburger and mouth watering look of it.  To add to that, you can also display images of other items that people will love to enjoy with their Hamburger. You must try out innovative ways to attract the customers and hold their attention. Image is one factor also, why they would pay attention on what you sell.

As everyone knows, backlinks are the lifeblood of any successful SEO campaign and through an exhaustive search of the web I have discovered this proven method of building quality backlinks that actually works!

There are so many ways to get backlinks, You can make comments on the blogs and sites, just make sure that you are not spamming them. 

Making comments and participating in polls is another effective way in which you can create strong SEO backlinks. You must create a site that give clear information and services or product you offered. 

It is not just the quantity,the quality is also a significant factor. Make sure you are giving due importance to the quality of content in your site or blog. The content that is given in your site must be readable, useful, functional as well as relevant. 

Some of the link building strategies are, Study what has worked before,  write a compelling article,   Write an interesting description, make sure you stand out and your content  unique. 

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Christmas, Love Is In The Air!

Christmas  just around the corner and we feel more love is in the air.
Some feels the mix emotions of being happy 
and feeling sad inside as well. Missing and 
longing for someone.

We have some wishes in our minds, we have 
so many things in mind.
The air feels so cold, and you will see 
some who are alone and some who choose to 
be alone.

But it is always nice to celebrate the 
holiday with someone, not necessarily with 
family, if they are far from you but Christmas is for sharing, it should put 
a smile on your face and peace in your heart.
Although not everybody is really enjoying 
it, for some reason that is beyond their 
control, but in their hearts, they try to 
feel the happiness and some touch other 
lives without even knowing it.

It is sure better to give than to received 
for it is in giving that we can feel some 
peace and real happiness inside.

It does not have to be material things that 
you can make someone happy, it could also 
be just being there for them, remembering 
them, when they think they have been 

Visiting someone that you havent seen for 
long time, can touch the heart.
Forgiving someone that has hurt you and 
letting go of the pain, can make greater 
happiness inside you.

Although it should not be just during 
holidays, that we should feel like giving, 
forgiving and caring. We can do this all 
year round.

Life may not be always easy, but with the 
love that is in the air, it makes 
everything easier, especially if it is 
shared with someone.

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